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  • Following the fire in Grande Synthe, the plight of refugees in the area is again in the news. The prayer request below was written in November 2016 but is still applicable today, please continue to pray for all refugees and aid workers. (Posted in April 2017)
  • The Jungle at Calais may have gone, refugees in Europe may not be headline news anymore, but they still exist.Please pray for the 1,000+ refugees at the camp in Dunkerque, mainly women & children who find themselves in extremely vulnerable conditions.Please pray for the many charity workers and volunteers who tirelessly give their time & talents to help bring relief and comfort to the refugees in the camps. Pray that God will continue to give them strength. And, for the volunteers who are suffering with emotional & psychological shock of what they have witnessed whilst serving in the camps, we ask the Lord for healing.

    Please pray for the 10,000+ refugees, moved from Calais and have been rehoused in temporary homes/CAO centres across France. Pray that they would settle quickly and find peace in their new surroundings.

    The following prayer has been written by a Charity Worker who served at The Jungle in Calais.

    ‘This WAS our Church’

    Dedicated to the Church of St Michael in the ‘Jungle’, Calais

    ‘Our prayers have risen to the Lord
    Not in a glorious building
    But in a tent which has been a symbol of hope
    To so many trapped in the jungle around us.

    We have been a haven of solace and peace
    giving praise to the Lord in the squalor and our mud-filled surroundings.

    We have remained faithful to the Lord’s word, ensuring that the teachings
    of Holy Scripture are studied and understood.

    We have kept and marked the Holy Days which are so special to our faith.
    In your name we have adorned our Church with sacred images to
    glorify you and give you praise.

    And now our Church is no more
    but we, its people are still there.

    Wherever we will be in an uncertain future
    our Church lives on in our hearts and our souls.
    May it be an inspiration for all those who strive to put into action
    the message of Jesus, of justice, and peace.

    God of the downtrodden and the voiceless
    Give us confidence that we can see the way ahead
    and not lose the hope of a decent and peaceful life
    which is common to all those made in your image.

    Give us strength to go forward, always trusting in you
    that some-day our hopes and dreams will be fulfilled.’

    Ben Bano of Seeking Sanctuary, on behalf of the displaced community of the Church of St Michael in the ‘Calais Jungle’ .

Posted on 25 November 2016

  • Please pray for all victims of violence, wherever they are.

  • PRAYER FOR ALL GOVERNMENTS – When praying for any government it’s easy to feel overwhelmed or confused. Download the prayer below to guide you when praying for your country’s government.


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