Christ Church Lille Electoral Roll

Why be on the electoral roll? What's the point? What do I have to do? What will happen if I'm not on the electoral roll? Who can be on the roll and who can't?
Lots of questions, and we've tried to answer them, just click on the button to go to our special webpage with questions and answers. Don't see your question? Send us a message at this link!
You'll also find information about how and why we use your Electoral Roll contact details.
In 2019, the electoral roll was renewed from scratch - this is a legal requirement and happens every 6 years. This means that if you were on the roll in 2018, you had to fill in a new form before the AGM in 2019.
But not many people sent in their forms in time to speak or vote at the AGM last year.

The last date to sign up for this year is

1 March 2020

So, please check the list at the back of the church, and if you would like to be on the electoral roll and your name is not there, complete the form.
Here's how to do that:
Find a paper copy in church OR
Download and print from the website (see the button below)
and then either:
Hand it to one of the church officers OR
For the more technologically-minded, scan and send to the email address below.
Prefer to complete the form online?
Access this online version, complete it, save it as "yourname" ER form and send it to electoralroll@christchurchlille.fr

Next week

More information about Church Officers and what is involved.
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