Christ Church Lille: Elected Church Officers

Last week we wrote to you about our Electoral Roll and what it means. This week, we are sending some more information.
Elections take place at the Annual General Meeting; church officers must be on the Electoral Roll.
Information about the roles of church officers can be found in our Document Library. You can also find the forms you need if you'd like to apply.

Who are the Church Officers?

They have an important role in the church and are elected for one year. They are elected at the AGM but they are appointed by the Bishop.
Church Council Members
Council members are elected for three years and support the chaplain, help take care of the church, and make sure that the church finances are properly managed.
Lay Synod Representatives
Every year, we send two representatives from this chaplaincy to the Archdeaconry Synod. This is held sometimes in Brittany and sometimes in Lyon.
It means 3-4 days commitment once a year and a willingness to take part in the discussions which affect the Archdeaconry of France. Synod representatives report back to the chaplaincy on the matters discussed. Please ask if you'd like to know more about it but you can also look at the Anglican France website (https://anglicanfrance.fr).

The last date to sign up on the electoral roll this year is

1 March 2020

Have you checked to see if you are on the roll?
A reminder about how to sign up to the electoral roll on our special ER page
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