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Welcome to this week's news. We hope you found the additional newsletters about the Annual General Meeting, the Electoral Roll and the Elections useful. Please ask one of the church officers if you are still unsure.
16 February 2020
Christ Church Lille Newsletter
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The church calendar is on our website, and all the services and readings are shown there. Also on the calendar are major works and the events taking place.
Don't forget coffee-in-between this Sunday, 16 February.

Reminders about forthcoming events

  • Ash Wednesday Service on 26 February, and the start of Lent
  • AGM on 15 March after morning service
  • International Evening on 21 March
Bishop Robert and Bishop David have written a message about the Coronavirus, you can read it here.
We will continue to maintain good practice and take precautions to avoid any contamination.

Church Hall

The Town Hall acted promptly on Monday and the door to the hall is now working again. Thanks to them, and thanks to everyone for their understanding last weekend, it was really not what we wanted at the time!

General Synod

Finally, as you know, Debbie Flach is working hard this week at the Church of England's General Synod.
We caught up with Debbie in a brief break between sessions, and she says:
General Synod, the governing body of the Church of England, may not sound like an interesting subject! But today for example we have committed the Church to net zero emissions by 2030, a huge step forward in our response to the climate crisis. This is just one example of why and how my commitment to this work is valuable.
It involves a vast amount of papers to read and understand (fortunately nowadays we can read them online, but I used to have to take another suitcase to carry all the printed papers), and long days sitting on uncomfortable chairs, but it is also a time to learn and to help the mission of the church.

The Synod will be over by the time you receive this newsletter but you can find out everything that happened at this link:
CofE General Synod
Gen Synod
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