13 March 2020
Christ Church Lille Newsletter
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Welcome to this week's newsletter. Have you signed up for our International Evening yet?
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The church calendar is on our website, and all the services and readings are shown there. Also on the calendar are major works and the events taking place.

AGM on 15 March at 12:00 (after the morning service)

See the page for more information
We welcome everyone to our AGM, which will look at activities during 2019 and approve the accounts. We will also be looking at the budget for 2020.

Putting our welcome into practice

Don't forget that you can now enjoy coffee before every 10:30 am service - why not join us (from 10 - 10:25 am).

Men's Group on 21 March at 10 am

More information here
Please let Tom know if you plan to be there.

International Evening on 21 March at 6 pm

Please sign up, see the form below. There's more information on the page (click the image). There are posters and sign up forms in church too.
And if you can, contribute to our tombola (anything in a bottle, from household products to drinks, beauty products ...)
International evening fill in slips
And for your diary: 29 March after the morning service
La Solidarité Anglicane AGM
Our outreach association will be holding its own AGM. We are required to present separate accounts, and you can hear details of the people we help.

A reminder about good practice - looking after our neighbours

  • We will continue to show our friendship and to share the peace, but we have decided for the moment that there are lots of ways to show this without shaking hands or kissing. So: wave, touch elbows, touch feet, whatever you prefer!
  • We will continue to share the Eucharist, in the sharing of the bread. But for now, we’ve decided not to share the cup.
  • We will use hand sanitiser (and some home-made natural ingredient gel is available, thanks to Debbie Flach) where possible.
  • We will continue to spread the following health messages:
    • Wash your hands regularly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds (that’s the equivalent of singing “Happy Birthday” twice, or indeed saying the Lords’ Prayer). Now there's an opportunity!
    • Don’t sneeze into your hands, sneeze into a tissue that you then throw away, or if necessary, sneeze into your elbow.
Thank you for your co-operation and your understanding – we are all concerned.
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