17 March 2020
Christ Church Lille
Please read this message from our chaplain, the Reverend Canon Debbie Flach
Dear members of Christ Church, far and wide,
I write to offer words of encouragement and hope. We find ourselves in uncertain times, many of our usual activities, particularly coming to church, have been suspended for the time being due to the Coronavirus/Covid-19 pandemic. I believe that it is our role as Christians to offer a way of living not driven by fear, but to listen to the medical professionals and act in a way that helps our communities. Never forget that God's love is unchanging, his care eternal.
Here in France we are now entering a time of quarantine from midday today (Tuesday 17th March) for at least 15 days. There is very restricted ability to travel, but we are able to get out in the fresh air near our homes so long as we don't meet up with others. I see on the government website https://www.gouvernement.fr/info-coronavirus this morning in the list of things we are allowed to do, that churches are allowed to be open for a maximum of 20 people. However this would mean asking you to come out and risk infection, and I am not prepared to do that. The Christ Church building will remain closed for the time being. However, Christ Church, that is you, is able to connect in different ways!
New and imaginative ways of connecting with each other are in the planning stage here, and we will be updating you very soon. I told the Communications Team yesterday as we met using Zoom, that so far I had lived mostly one way of being a minister for some 40 years, but I was looking forward to learning and discovering a new way. Not all of us are technically able or equipped, but we will be reaching out to each other, encouraging, praying, worshipping by any means at our disposal.
Stay in touch, keep praying
2 Timothy 1:17 'For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and love and a sound mind'
God bless,
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