3 April 2020
Christ Church Lille Newsletter
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We'd like to thank Debbie for her Sunday service videos - many more people than we expected are watching the services, either on a Sunday or later in the week at a time which suits them and their family. You can find them on our YouTube Channel . The latest Sunday service is uploaded on a Saturday evening.
The text of the service is also available on our website, and this is just one of the ways we are reaching out to you while the building is closed. Read on for other ways to join with us from home.
Holy Week
This Sunday is Palm Sunday, and the start of Holy Week. Our Chaplain Debbie is doing everything possible to make sure we can celebrate Easter at a distance, even if we can't share in the Eucharist. Click the button to see what she has written and find out why we want you to send us a short video clip!
Please also see Debbie's message about Holy Communion, what it means, and why it's important.

Monthly day of silence and prayer

At this time, a day of silence and prayer is even more important, so do join us on Monday 6 April for prayers.

The website is updated every day

The communications team is working hard to keep information and online resources up to date every day, so please look at the website regularly and you'll know what's happening.
There are lots of new pages including Messages from the Chaplain

For the not-so-technically-minded - what's Zoom?

Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime, Zoom and others - they are all ways to share video chat online.
Zoom on a desktop or laptop: just click the link that you are sent, you'll go straight to the meeting.
Zoom on a phone or a tablet: you first need to download the app (App Store on Mac, or Google Play or ...)
As with any online service, there are some basic rules to keep the meeting safe; if the meeting or service is organised via our Christ Church account, we will make sure it's safe for all participants.

Open church - but online

Here is a list of the services, meetings and events that you can join from home. Full details on the website
  • Sunday morning service (on video and text version too, watch when you want)
Please contact for an invite to the
  • Sunday evening service
  • Sunday Open House (see below for more information)
  • Mosaic mid-week social
  • Ladies' group online
And also
  • Men's group online (contact for an invite)

Open House on a Sunday

Some people have asked for more details, or to understand what this involves.
It's a way of getting together (just as if we were chatting over tea and coffee after the service) but we do it using an online video link called Zoom.
Everyone brings their own tea, coffee, drink, you just need to click the link that the Church Office will send you and you can join in.

Sunday Club

There is lots of new information and suggestions for activities, prayer and worship on the Sunday Club Page


Thank you to those who continue to give to the church. The building may be closed, but our work and mission continues. And of course the bills keep coming in.
If you usually donate via the collection plate via cash or cheque, perhaps you could consider contributing using one of the methods on our Giving page. It's simple and it really helps, thank you.
Finally, children at the orphanage in India that we support - Beth Abi - show how they are learning to stay safe.
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Keeping in touch

At this time when we can't meet in person, it's even more important to keep in touch by email or phone or ...
Please can we remind you to update your contact details on ChurchBox, our secure address list? Thank you to all the people who have already done so.
And if you haven't yet put your details there, please do so, it's secure, and nobody can access your details unless you give permission.
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