Christ Church Lille : Reopening
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Good news!
Yes, the church is opening for services from 14 June at 10:30 am!
But as Debbie explained in her letter, there are strict safety precautions, and only a limited number of people can attend at any one time. (Read the full details here)
But if you cant join us, the weekly videos will continue every week as well.
There are three ways to attend the service:
  • Register as a volunteer to help before the service (3 people) or clean after the service (2 people), you’ll automatically have a seat in church
  • Register to say you will be there (a further 25 people) (but we might have to give your seat away if you’re not there by 10:35)
  • Take a chance (but be prepared to be turned away if the total limit has been reached)
Here’s how to sign up. We’re using Eventbrite to manage the numbers of places, so this button will take you straight to the site where you can choose your date and type of registration. You can register, and you can cancel if after all you can’t come - please don’t forget to do that so we can give the place to someone else.
Please also note that you will need to sign in (for contact tracing if necessary) so bring your own pen.
Youll need a face mask and you will be asked to clean your hands at the entrance.
If you have any problems, please contact
We’re looking forward to seeing you.
And please be assured that if there is a lot of demand, we’ll organise a second service on Sunday.
Calling volunteers to help deep clean the church before opening:
Saturday afternoon 6 June from 15h - 17h
Please contact if you can help.
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