2 October 2020
Christ Church Lille Newsletter
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October is here and we are delighted to welcome old friends and new members of the congregation - thank you for registering in advance to attend services in the church, so we can keep everyone safe.
The AGM was held last Sunday, and some of the information will soon be posted on the website for those who weren't able to be present; the minutes can't be posted until approved at the next AGM.
Our focus is on moving forward, and in the light of the current situation, how we can do church differently.
What's in this week's newsletter:
- Church services on 4 October, in church and on video
- Our online virtual "shop"
- A proposed new Scout Group
- Support for our ministry and mission
- We need someone

Services on 4 October

Sunday morning service
There will be a service in church on Sunday morning at 10:30 am, you'll need to reserve a place - see the link below.
Video services also continue, you'll find the link on the front page of the website every Saturday evening, also on Facebook and Twitter.

Sunday evening service
Mosaic Evening services are on Sunday at 6:30 pm, with similar restrictions on numbers and seating.
Contact churchoffice@christchurchlille.fr if you'd like more information.

These links are valid for all services in October, just choose your date

Our virtual shop

Even if we are unable to celebrate Harvest as we usually do, we can still show our thankfulness for all God's gifts. There's a new item in our online shop, why not take a look? Just click the image.
Some of you have already started "shopping" - thank you!

When the Coronavirus situation permits, British Scouting Overseas is looking to set up a Scout Group in Lille so that it is ready to go when things improve and the rules allow it.

Are YOU interested in helping? You do not have to have any Scouting experience, but need to be enthusiastic with good organisational abilities.
The Scout Group can start with any section or more than one section.
But each section requires a minimum of 2 uniformed leaders and 8 children to start to allow for teamwork and competitive games. Explorers can start with 4 and grow.
A reminder of the age ranges; all are uni-sex:
Beavers 6-8yrs max size of Beaver Colony is 18. Absolute minimum age for Beavers is 6yrs due to insurance.
Cub Scouts 8-11yrs max size of Cub Pack is 24
Scouts 11-14yrs no maximum if run well but usually 24 to 30.
Explorers 14-18yrs. no limit if run well, but usually 16 to 30
There is a sliding 3 month time period each side of these ages for moving between sections to allow friends to move up together or if a child is especially gifted or otherwise.
They need a committee of 3 minimum; Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.
Please contact the chaplain at chaplain@christchurchlille.fr
You don't need cash


Thank you to everyone who gives to sustain the life, mission and ministry of this church. Your gifts are very much welcomed.
And indeed, without your gifts, we cannot carry on - don't forget that the church is entirely self-funded.
Full details of all the ways to give are on our Giving page. (you can use the QR code for fast access to the page) Thank you!

Is somebody out there an Audio-Visual expert?

We really, really need someone to look after the A-V in church and help us move forward. It’s just not possible for the person leading the service to run the computer programme, the sound and the video as well as the camera and other essential items. Especially if we want to do some live-streaming.
noun_watch video_2508760
Could you be the person we need? Please get in touch if you think you can help. churchoffice@christchurchlille.fr
Hours: 10-11:30 on Sunday morning (but you can always train an assistant for occasions when you can’t be there …)
Pay: sorry, no pay, but lots of grateful thanks. And you’ll be helping us to fulfil our mission.
Benefits: getting the word out and indeed, the Word, too, thanks to your efforts.
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