Dear reader
All over the world children are going back to school in sometimes difficult conditions, not just because of the pandemic.
Students too will soon be returning to colleges and universities, and some people will be returning to work after working at home.
So an important part of our Sunday morning service this week will be "Blessing the Backpacks": you and your children are welcome to bring yours.
See below also for more details about Sunday Club, they will be moving off from the service after the blessing for a special meeting.
But everyone is welcome to bring their bag or briefcase along for a blessing!
In this newsletter:
  • what's happening
  • taking part in the life of our community
  • Sunday club
  • how you can continue to support us
  • Pastoral Principles. We'll be using material from this course once a month in the Morning service. We'll send you a link to the support material in the newsletter.
Looking further forward
  • 17 October Creationtide service and collection of non-perishables for the food bank to celebrate Harvest
  • 14 November Remembrance Sunday
  • No need to reserve a place in church on Sunday morning, just come along. We'll be able to welcome more people so we look forward to seeing you.
  • We'll still be asking you to sign in, however, in case we need to contact you, and we'll maintain our hygiene routines for as long as necessary.
Regular events:
Whether you are able to join us in person on a Sunday morning or not, we are grateful for all the support.
This Sunday, we are happy to announce that there will also be a service on video once more. Just go to our YouTube channel.
Creating video services is great, it means we can reach out to more people. But if you enjoy these services, please let us know so that we can carry on doing so!

Taking part

There are lots of ways for you to bring your gifts and talents to the service of God and neighbour.
Do you have technical and/or AV skills? Could you help with church cleaning, or admin? What about social media, or the website?
Get in touch!
And don't forget Debbie is looking for helpers on Saturday afternoon 18 September, see above.

Sunday Club

All over France schools are starting their new 2021 – 2022 school year. So, grab your backpack, bags, lunch bags, briefcases, and anything else related to school and bring it to church this Sunday, September 19, 2021 for our annual Blessing of the Backpacks at our 10:30am service.
After the blessing Sunday Club invite you to join them for a picnic*! If the weather is nice - picnic in the park. If the weather is not so nice – carpet picnic in the church hall.
We are so excited to see your smiling faces – see you Sunday!
*Please feel free to bring snacks to share
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Sunday Club dates

19 September
3, 17 October
7, 21 November
5, 12, 19 December
More details on this page
And here's the link to this week's children's activity sheet: Who is the Greatest?
Interested in helping at Sunday Club? Please contact

Thank you for your continued support

We are entirely self-funded and the months of the pandemic have affected everything and everybody, not least our financial situation.
We're grateful to everyone who continues to support the church and its work, which goes beyond weekly services. Thank you!
If you're not already a regular giver, please consider whether you can give a little each month. Small amounts are just as welcome as large ones, really!
It's easy to give, here's a link to our "Giving" page

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