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This Sunday is the second Sunday in Advent. Why not join us on Sunday morning? If you can't be there, you can watch a video, listen to a podcast, and if you are able, donate a small amount. Read on for all the links.
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NEW: Sign up! Sign up! For Sunday Club
On Sunday 5 December – come and hear all about the Christmas Story… We may even sing a Christmas song or two… or three…
On Sunday 19 December - Scratch Nativity Play in Church. No age limit, no rehearsals, no lines to learn, but you will have to get creative with the dressing-up box… Come and join the fun. We’ll be singing Christmas Carols, as we celebrate Christ’s birth and, as all good plays deserve an audience, please bring your friends, relatives and neighbours.

Advent and Christmas

Please tell your friends that they need to reserve a place at either of the carol services on 12 December, you'll find the links below. And don't forget to order your Christmas bakes.

Advent and Christmas services


Christmas food


Christmas Gift Boxes


Join us for a virtual mince pie and mulled wine

Can you donate €5?
Here's the link to this week's children's activity sheet : Company is coming!
Ladies' Bible Study invites you to their
Advent Bible Study – The Art of Christmas. Join us for a time of reflection & meditation as we see the nativity through the eyes of great painters.

Taking part

Can you help by baking for Christmas? Helping with tea and coffee after the morning service? Helping serve mulled wine on Sunday evening 12 December?
Get in touch!
We also need someone to do a little bit of plastering. Is that one of your skills? Get in touch if so.

Calling all bakers

We need lots of mince pies for our online market, and there should be some too for after the services on 12 December.
Can you help by baking, please? Not sure how? Get in touch with Frances as soon as you can. And thank you!
A reminder about our weekly Worship on video and sermon on podcast. Just go to our YouTube channel (and there is a link on the homepage of the website). Thank you to everyone who has subscribed and left a "like"!
For the Podcasts, here's the link:
Both video and audio latest updates are uploaded on a Saturday evening.
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A reminder about the four delightful short videos for Advent from our video library. Here's the link

Thank you for your support

Can you donate the cost of a mince pie and some mulled wine? Here's a reminder of the link
We are entirely self-funded and the months of the pandemic have affected everything and everybody, not least our financial situation, which is currently cause for concern.
We're grateful to everyone who continues to support the church and its work, which goes beyond weekly services. Thank you!
If you're not already a regular giver, please consider whether you can give a little each month. Small amounts are just as welcome as large ones, really!
It's easy to give, here's a link to our "Giving" page
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