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Dear reader
It's Christmas Eve, and we wish you all a joyful Christmas, and good health for you and your families.
For a change, we thought you would enjoy this traditional French carol, beautifully sung by the Petits Chanteurs de Bordeaux, recorded during lockdown. It's called Noël Nouvelet and dates back to the late 15th and early 16th century.
Noel Nouvelet
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  • Scratch Nativity photos
  • Children's activity sheet
  • Services in December and for 2 January
  • Video and audio services
  • How you can support us
(Reminder, there will be no newsletter next week, back on 7 January)

Scratch Nativity

You can see a few photos here, everyone enjoyed retelling the Christmas story last Sunday!
Here's the link to this week's children's activity sheet : Losing Jesus


25 December 10:30 Family Christmas Day service with Holy Communion
26 December 10:30 Morning Prayer
2 December 10:30 Morning Prayer
And, in case you missed it, here's the link to our Christmas card, which was sent out last Sunday. (Please check your spam box if you're not getting our emails)
Christmas card

Join us for a virtual mince pie and mulled wine

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A reminder that you can find all our videos on our YouTube channel
For the Podcasts, here's the link: https://anchor.fm/christchurchlille
Video and audio will be taking a break now until the service for 9 January.
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We are entirely self-funded and the months of the pandemic have affected everything and everybody, not least our financial situation, which is currently cause for concern.
We're grateful to everyone who continues to support the church and its work, which goes beyond weekly services. Thank you!
If you're not already a regular giver, please consider whether you can give a little each month. Small amounts are just as welcome as large ones, really!
It's easy to give, here's a link to our "Giving" page
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