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This Sunday is the second in Lent, and we are continuing the sermon series on Sacred Space. See below for a link to the page with the details.
There are also links for donations to help in Ukraine, if you would like to contribute.
In this newsletter:
  • Services
  • Children's activity sheet
  • Prayers for Ukraine
  • The Season of Lent
  • Prayer focus
  • Video and audio services
  • How you can support us
  • Volunteers for coffee and gardening
  • Solidarité Anglicane de Lille AGM
  • Revision of the Electoral Roll


There is a service of Holy Communion
every week on Sunday at 10:30 am
Here's the link to this week's children's activity sheet: Under His Wing

Prayer for Ukraine

As we continue to pray for peace, international aid organisations are trying to help those in the country and also refugees as they flee the fighting.
Some of you may wish to donate, so we have listed below a few useful links so you can contribute directly. These links have been updated and are for donations for Ukraine.
Church of England/Diocese in Europe via USPG
United Nations World Food Programme
Croix Rouge (Red Cross) French site
Christian Aid


We have now created a page on our website where you can find links to all the material that the chaplain is using in her sermons and talks on the theme of Sacred Space.

Monthly prayer focus

We are focusing prayers in March on our Music worship team. Here are the details of how you can join in with us.
Our video services are popular, and there will be a link to this Sunday's service on the website.
A reminder that you can find all our videos on our YouTube channel
For the Podcasts, here's the link:
Picture 1
We are entirely self-funded and we have cut back our expenses as much as possible; but we still need a regular income.
We're grateful to everyone who continues to support the church and its work, which goes beyond weekly services. Thank you!
If you're not already a regular giver, please consider whether you can give a little each month. Small amounts are just as welcome as large ones, really!
It's easy to give, here's a link to our "Giving" page

Green-fingered baristas

Maggie has been busy with organising this, so please go to this page on our website where you'll find all the details - and how to volunteer!
Solidarité AGM 2022

Solidarité Anglicane de Lille (our outreach organisation)

A final reminder that the AGM will take place on Monday 14 March 2022 at 20:00 CET via Zoom
More details
CCL revision of the Electoral Roll
The roll is being checked in advance of the AGM
All the details on this page
(And you can send any questions to )
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