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Christ Church Lille Special 18 May 2022

Dear Rosemary
As we mentioned in a previous message, May is a special time of year for Christ Church Lille.
Ascension Day in 2022 is on Thursday 26 May. There will be a special CCL video service, but meanwhile, we wanted to share some things with you in advance of the day.

Why May is special for us

On Ascension Day in 1870, our church was consecrated. You can read about how it came to be built on this page of our website, and there are some interesting photos too.
We didn't get to hold the 150th celebrations because of the pandemic, but no matter, we're still celebrating the event.
Next time you are in church, take a look at the Ascension window - we're usually facing the altar, so don't look at it as much as we might.
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From its origins, the church has been entirely self-funded, and indeed, was built with money raised from the local English-speaking residents.

Why you are special to us

You are special because without you, our church wouldn't be here, and wouldn't be able to carry on its ministry. Not just services, but baptisms, weddings and funerals; pastoral care; outreach; working with other Christian churches in Lille and indeed around France.
Thank you to everyone who contributes in whatever way.

A letter from our Chaplain, the Reverend Canon Debbie Flach

If you can, please take a moment to read this letter; some of you may have received it directly from Debbie, but it's worth another read!
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