The Transfiguration
12 February 2021
Christ Church Lille Newsletter
Dear reader
This Sunday is the last Sunday before Lent, and next Wednesday, 17 February is Ash Wednesday.
We're doing church differently these days, but even if we can't come together as usual, you can join people from around Europe at the Diocesan service; all the details are given below.
Looking for inspiration for Lent reading? Go to this page on our website, where you'll also find a link to the Bishop's Lent Appeal.
What's in this week's newsletter:
- How to register to attend a service in church
- Mosaic evening services
- Men's Group
- Ladies' Bible Study
- Ash Wednesday service
- Services on video
- Dates for the diary
- Support for our ministry and mission

Services in the church on Sundays (unless the regulations change)

There will be a Sunday morning service at 10:30 am every Sunday unless the regulations change - we'll keep you informed.
You'll still need to register, and Covid-19 precautions are still in place.
If you have any problems, please contact

Mosaic Evening Services

Evening services in church are on hold for now, because of the curfew. But the team have prepared a talk for each week. The sermon series for February is entitled "Love, Dates, Heartbreaks - February is the month of love, but it’s all so complicated. So, how do you get it right?"
Like the weekly services, they are uploaded to the website on a Saturday evening, and you can find the link on this page on our website.
Or see the link below for the link to our YouTube page.

Men's Group

The Men's Group is meeting again online this Saturday 13 February at 10:30. Please contact Tom for details of how to join - everyone is welcome to this popular meet-up, and they are looking forward to a time when they can once again offer breakfast. Meanwhile, bring your own coffee (and bagel/bacon sandwich/croissant/pancake ...)

Ladies' Bible Study

Another very popular meeting every Thursday morning - contact Maggie at for details of how to join them.

Ash Wednesday Service

As promised, here are the details of how to join the pan-Diocesan service on 17 February.

Services on video continue

Services on video will be available in addition to services in the church, for everyone who can't be there in person.
Links are on the homepage of our website, or you can go directly to our YouTube channel.

Dates for the diary

17 February Diocesan Ash Wednesday service online at 7:30 pm
15 March Solidarité (our outreach organisation) AGM at 8 pm
28 March Summer Time begins
2 April Good Friday
4 April Easter Sunday
26 April Christ Church Lille AGM at 8 pm
You don't need cash


Thank you to everyone who gives to sustain the life, mission and ministry of this church. Your gifts are very much welcomed.
And indeed, without your gifts, we cannot carry on - don't forget that the church is entirely self-funded.
Full details of all the ways to give are on our Giving page. (you can use the QR code for fast access to the page) Thank you!
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