12 March 2021
Christ Church Lille Newsletter
The Fourth Sunday in Lent
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We're planning for a sustainable future, and reviewing the way we do church. We mentioned a questionnaire last week: could you help by answering just three quick questions, and there's also room for any comments?
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What's in this week's newsletter:
- How to register to attend a service in church
- Mosaic evening services
- Services on video
-Activities, resources and reading for Lent
- Children's activity worksheet
- Ladies' Group
Our Outreach Association AGM
- Dates for the diary
- A useful list of links from the British Community Committee
- Support for our ministry and mission

Services in the church on Sundays (unless the regulations change)

There will be a Sunday morning service at 10:30 am every Sunday unless the regulations change - we'll keep you informed.
You'll still need to register, and Covid-19 precautions are still in place.
If you have any problems, please contact churchoffice@christchurchlille.fr
Reservation for Easter Sunday morning service will be available soon, please book your place as early as possible.
Apologies for the hiccup on the website which didn't show how to book for a service in church until Saturday evening. Please get in touch immediately if you spot a problem; these things happen, sorry, but you can book now.

Services on video continue

Services on video will be available in addition to services in the church, for everyone who can't be there in person.
Links are on the homepage of our website, or you can go directly to our YouTube channel.
The latest videos are published on a Saturday evening.

Mosaic Evening Services

Evening services in church are on hold for now, because of the curfew. But the team have prepared a talk for each week.
Theme for March: Game plan
“God, what should I do with my life?” Does God have a plan for each one of us? If so, what does it look like?
Like the weekly services, they are uploaded to the website on a Saturday evening, and you can find the link on our website

Activities and Resources for Lent

You'll find ideas for family activities, and some suggested reading for Lent on this page on our website

Activities for children this week

We're sharing a weekly worksheet for younger people. This week, it's based on John 3:14-21 and it's about measuring God's love. Click the link to download and print the colouring pages.
With thanks to https://sermons4kids.com for their ideas. Why not take a look for more activities?

Children in church

If you have your smartphone and some headphones, children can watch a "Messy Church" video in church. But with headphones, please!
The Ladies' Group is busy and active, why not join them online on a Thursday morning? They started a new study this week.

La Solidarité Anglicane de Lille (Outreach)

If you are on the electoral roll, you will have received an invitation to this meeting.There's still time to register, but if you are not on the electoral roll and would like to attend, please contact electoralroll@christchurchlille.fr
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The British Community Committee has published a list of useful links for British people in France. You can find it at this link

Dates for the diary

15 March Solidarité (our outreach organisation) AGM at 8 pm
28 March Summer Time begins
2 April Good Friday
4 April Easter Sunday
26 April Christ Church Lille AGM at 8 pm
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Thank you to everyone who gives to sustain the life, mission and ministry of this church. Your gifts are very much welcomed.
And indeed, without your gifts, we cannot carry on - don't forget that the church is entirely self-funded.
Full details of all the ways to give are on our Giving page. (you can use the QR code for fast access to the page) Thank you!
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