Pentecost Sunday
Photograph by Holger Schué on Pixabay

Pentecost Sunday

If you are coming to church this Sunday, Debbie asks you to bring something flame-coloured to celebrate Pentecost. Can you also please bring with you the reading from Acts of the Apostles chapter 2, verses 1-21 in your own language or a language you speak fluently. (Don't forget to reserve your place, see below.)
21 May 2021
Christ Church Lille Newsletter
In this edition:
* How to reserve a place in church
* Weekly worship and Mosaic Evening service talks on video
* Podcasts
* Children's activity sheet
* Thy Kingdom Come
* Choral Evensong from Canterbury Cathedral
* How you can help

How to reserve a place in church

Weekly services on video continue

Links are on the homepage of our website, or you can go directly to our YouTube channel.
The latest videos are published on a Saturday evening.

Mosaic Evening Service talks

The May series on the Bible for Grown-ups continues this week with the fourth video; find links to them all on our website and on YouTube from Saturday evening onwards.


Like the videos, the latest episodes are available from Saturday evening. Podcasts are available on Anchor, Spotify and other podcast apps.

Children's activity sheet for this week:

A new wind blowing. Just click here for the page

Thy Kingdom Come

Have you been following the prayers and all the other resources? You can find out more here, as we near Pentecost.

Choral Evensong

Some of you have been telling us you would like a service of Evensong. It's not something we can offer at the moment, but you might like to know that Canterbury Cathedral offer a livestream service of Evensong every day at 17:30 UK time, 18:30 French time. It's also available on the Canterbury Cathedral Youtube channel if you can't watch it live.
You don't need cash


Thank you to everyone who gives to sustain the life, mission and ministry of this church. Your gifts are very much welcomed.
And indeed, without your gifts, we cannot carry on - don't forget that the church is entirely self-funded.
Full details of all the ways to give are on our Giving page. (you can use the QR code for fast access to the page) Thank you!
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