13 July 2018
Christ Church Lille newsletter
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The website Bible Gateway enables you to see any of the readings on line, and in any of 50 languages.
In church, we use the NIV (UK) version.
The church calendar is now online. You can see details on this webpage.

Meet the ordinand

Don't forget you can come along to the chaplaincy house on Saturday 14th from 17h - 20h to meet Michael and his family.

Last coffee in-between before the summer break

Join us between the morning services on Sunday 15th for coffee and pastries.

Sunday Services during July and August

Our regular pattern of services changes during July and August, but you will be very welcome at all times. See this website page for a full list of services.
22 JULY until 26 AUGUST
There will be a service every Sunday morning at 10:30 am; no evening services or 9:15 services.

Summer timetable

Closed for the summer
Sunday Club returns on 9 September
Women's group is back on 13 September
Playgroup will be back in the autumn
Last chance
Coffee in-between last one this Sunday then back on 21 October.
Drop-in café last one on 18 July, back again on 26 September
Not on holiday yet
Wednesday lunchtime prayer group continues throughout August, then takes a break until the autumn. But prayer requests will still be responded to and prayed for.

Join the fun 1-3_opt

Lille Braderie

Please sign up to join in with our community event.
See the website: https://christchurchlille.fr/events/lille-braderie-2018-pavement-cafe/
The sign-up forms are online, you can print and return or send by email.
If you don't have internet access, there are some paper copies at the back of the church.

We care about your data privacy

Have you completed a consent form yet? If not, there are blank forms at the back of church or here is the online version. Please do so, we need your consent to keep in touch!
The new church address book is being prepared, you'll be receiving more details soon, but your details will remain private unless you say otherwise.
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