Christ Church Lille Newsletter 13 January 2023

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Happy New Year-2
Dear reader
This Sunday will be the second Sunday after Epiphany and we'll need some volunteers to help take down the Christmas decorations please.
There's going to be an official security inspection next week so we need to make sure everything is shipshape, and of course, we take health and safety issues seriously.
The church council met earlier this week and you'll see that there are already some dates in the diary, there'll be more social activities in the coming months as we get things organised. Welcome to 2023!
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Sunday 15 January 2023
10:30 am: Holy Communion and Sunday Club

What's in this Newsletter

  • Children's activity sheet
  • Are your bulbs growing?
  • Free concert
  • For your diary
  • Prayers for Ukraine
  • How you can help
Here's the link to this week's children's activity sheet: Show and Tell

Are your bulbs growing?

If shoots have appeared, you'll need to move the pot to a sunny windowsill.
And join us on 22 January to grow some vitamins! More next week.
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Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

Don't miss this free concert, with choirs and musicians from the Christian churches in Lille. It will be held in the Catholic University Chapel on Thursday 19 January 20:00 - 22:00 This short video explains
And you can hear some of the music in this series of videos on the Diocese of Lille YouTube channel
For more information on events and activities, please contact

For your diary

Ladies' Bible Study weekly meetings online have started again after the Christmas break
Sunday Club meets this Sunday on 15 January and after that, on 12 February
Working with Christ Group meets on 21 January, 10 am in the church hall
Growing some vitamins on 22 January
Church lunch on 29 January after the service

Prayers for Ukraine

Your prayers are still needed. Prayers and other resources are available on the Diocesan website
We are entirely self-funded and we have cut back our expenses as much as possible; but we still need a regular income.
We're grateful to everyone who continues to support the church and its work, which goes beyond weekly services. In particular, we are thankful for some generous donations over the Christmas period, which have helped reduce our deficit. Thank you!
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How you can help us
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