There are 10 days to go before the Braderie and our famous Pavement Café. We sell hot and cold drinks and home-made cakes, much appreciated by hundreds of visitors.
Here's a roundup of useful information and how you can get involved in this vital part of our year.

1 Get involved

  • Sign up for a 2-hour slot (or several!) at a time that suits you.
  • Make some cakes for us to sell (list on the website)
Sign up here or contact


2 I'm a volunteer, how do I find out more?

3 I've made some cakes, what do I do with them?

  • There is some room in the Braderie freezer, you can bring cakes in advance (well wrapped please!)
  • There are two times when the church hall will be open for you to deliver your baking:
Thursday 30 August 17h - 20h
Friday 31 August 10h - 12h

All baking must be labelled with the type of cake and list of ingredients please.

4 Last but not least

You can download, share and print your own copy of the poster - there are two versions, one in English and one in French.
(Just click the image to access the full-size version)

We need to raise funds so we can continue our work in Lille: we don't have any outside sources of income so it's up to us.
But it's also a time to come together, a time for community and a time for fun. And of course, to show all our visitors what a wonderful place Christ Church Lille is!