7 September 2018
Christ Church Lille Newsletter
All our thoughts are with students, teachers, assistants and administrators, plus of course parents and families, around the world who are going back to school. We remember children who don't have the opportunity to attend school, or who have no books or materials.
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The website Bible Gateway enables you to see any of the readings on line, and in any of 50 languages. In church, we use the NIV (UK) version.
On Sunday 9 September, John Lamb from The Gideons, will be preaching and presenting their work. Please prepare a warm CCL welcome. Want to find out more? Here's a link to The Gideons website

What a wonderful Braderie weekend!

Debbie writes:
What a wonderful weekend at this year's Braderie! It must have been all those prayers, beautiful weather, great teamwork, tweaked prices and hard work at the ovens which all contributed to making this such a successful event. The new awnings gave a very smart, professional appearance and were no doubt a crowd puller. At the end of the Braderie on Sunday …
What a wonderful Braderie weekend!

News from chaplaincies around France

The Archdeacon of France and Monaco, Meurig Williams, has just issued the latest round up of information and news of interest to all chaplaincies in France. You can find a copy on the Anglican France website:
Newsletter no 3, Rentrée 2018

Ladies' Group is starting again

The Ladies group is starting again on 13 September after their summer break. They'll be looking at the third chapter of Daniel, and if you are already a member, or if you are interested in joining them, you can find out more from womensgroup@christchurchlille.fr
and of course, read (re-read) Daniel 3 before then!

Coming soon

Look out for news of Bible Studies and C3 café; we'll let you have all the details in the newsletter.
There will also be some concerts this autumn - lots to look forward to!

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