30 November 2018
Christ Church Lille Newsletter
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The website Bible Gateway enables you to see any of the readings on line, and in any of 50 languages. In church, we use the NIV (UK) version.
The church calendar is on our website, and all the services and readings are shown there.

Please note

  • This Sunday, 2 December, we welcome Bishop Robert who will be presiding at the Service of Confirmation.
  • It's also the first Sunday in Advent. And because the 10:30 service is a Service of Confirmation, with Holy Communion, there will be no 9:15 service this week.
  • As we mentioned before, there will be no church lunch in December, nor in January, because of the works.
  • After the morning service, there will be coffee and tea and a chance to meet the Bishop but this will take place in the aumônerie, over the road. With many thanks to Soeur Estelle for welcoming us while we can't use the hall.
  • A new sermon series begins at the evening service, the theme is "The Light of the World

Our Advent Appeal

As Advent begins on Sunday, we will be launching our appeal for this year's generous giving.
Find out who we are asking you to support on our website, and find out more on Sunday.

Sunday 9 December

Both morning and evening services will be based around our famous annual Nativity Play - do come along to this very special event!

Follow the Star!

Time to get busy. Click on the image to see a full-size 8-point star all ready to download.

Print, cut-out and add a Christmas prayer, then bring it to church and it will be displayed. Make as many as you like, let's decorate the whole church. Click the button for more information.

La Passerelle

This year's programme at La Passerelle in Lille is now out, and you can find out what is going on by clicking this link.

A reminder about heating works in the Church hall

Works start on 3 December and should last about 2 months.
  • There will be no access to the hall and kitchen during that time, but the lavatories will be accessible.
  • Anything needed in the hall or kitchen (for example, for Christmas) must be collected by 2 December.
  • The children's area/café area at the back of the church will be used to store some items and will not be available for your children until we can put everything away again when the works are finished. Sorry, but there's just no room and the area will not be safe for children.

My Pledge

Have you returned your pledge envelope yet?Please return it, even if the answer is that you can't do anything just now.

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