22 February 2019
Christ Church Lille Update
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We'd like to apologise for the IT glitch that sent out the Friday newsletter on Wednesday.
Please see the website for details of this Sunday's services, and you can access previous newsletters (including the one that went out too early!) on this page:
On Sunday 10 March we will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of Debbie Flach's ordination.
There will be a gift and flowers, and drinks after the service; we are also pleased to tell you that our Archdeacon, the Venerable Meurig Williams, will be coming especially to preach that Sunday.
Please see Frances or Rosemary in the morning, or Maggie in the evening, over the next two Sundays, if you would like to contribute to the gift and drinks - thank you in advance!
This newsletter is NOT being copied to Debbie, she knows we are planning something, but not the details.
  • No heating on Sunday 24 February and probably Sunday 3 March
  • Please print and complete the form if you want to be on the electoral roll
  • A mobile phone was left in the church
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