1 March 2019
Christ Church Lille Newsletter
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Welcome to the Christ Church Lille newsletter. Here is the latest update on what's happening in church and in our community.
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The church calendar is on our website, and all the services and readings are shown there.

Women's World Day of Prayer: tonight Friday 1 March at 19h30

It's a global movement led by Christian women
This year's service has been prepared by women in Slovenia, and you can find lots of information about the country and the theme on this page:
In Lille, the service this year is hosted at the Protestant Church (Place du Temple, rue Jeanne d'Arc) and everyone is welcome.
Come, everything is ready

Dress warmly

We can now confirm that there will be no heating in church on Sunday 3 March.
But we have been promised heating on 10 March!

Discipleship course

The discipleship course Christianity Explained continues on 3 March at 14:00 in the aumônerie, opposite the church.
Contact Church Office for more details.

Lent begins next week

What is Lent? Why is it a special time of year?
Most people know that Lent is the 40 days before Easter, and is often associated with a time of fasting and abstinence.
But what what if Lent could be about more than just giving stuff up? What if it could be a time of radical generosity as well as spiritual discipline?

Christ Church Lille has signed up as a church to the 40 Acts challenge to do something generous every day during Lent. You'll find stickers and posters in church to sign up to show what you've managed to do that week - it might be something simple like a welcoming smile, or a compliment, or something more concrete like a gift or a helping hand.

If you like, you can also sign up yourself on the 40 Acts site, as a family (lots of activities for children and families) or an individual. Please join us and make a difference during Lent.
If you're looking for ideas, you'll find a few in this document.

Lent begins with our service on Ash Wednesday, 6 March at 20:00

Ladies' Bible Study is also running a special Lent series

As part of the 40acts campaign during Lent, our Ladies Bible Study will be looking at 40acts of Acts - examining the generosity of the early church via the book of Acts.
Thursday 7th March, we start by looking at what we can learn from the zeal and courage of the early church. Join us from 9.30am -11am in L’aumônerie (across the street from the church hall).

Drop-in café

After a few weeks' absence because of the heating works, the café will be open on Wednesday 6 March: all welcome!

Looking forward, we welcome our Archdeacon, the Venerable Meurig Williams to preach on Sunday 10 March

We will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of Debbie Flach's ordination, so please join us. More details next week.

Renewing the electoral roll

We hope you read the special newsletter that we sent out last week about the AGM. Please read it carefully and take note, and in particular, please print off and complete the electoral roll form if you would like to be on the electoral roll.
Missed it? You can read it here. And here's a quick link to the form.
And because some of the links didn't work (apologies for some technical hitches), here is a link to the information page with all the relevant documents:
Last date for submitting your electoral roll form is Sunday 17 March

Christ Church Lille Outreach

Every year, through its outreach association, la Solidarité Anglicane, Christ Church gives 10 % of its income to causes sponsored by members of Christ Church. This is both an expression of our gratitude for all that we have been given by God, and a way of helping those in greater need than ourselves.

Would you like to suggest an organisation or a person as a grant beneficiary? Anyone on the Christ Church Electoral Roll may propose and sponsor a cause. You need to do this before the grants committee meets in March.
All details and a proposal form are on our website
If you have any queries, please contact the Chaplain or Frances Coester and we will be happy to explain more fully.
The deadline for applications is 17 March 2019.

For your diaries

Wednesday 6 March 20:00 Ash Wednesday service
Sunday 10 March 10:30 am: celebration of the 25th anniversary of Debbie Flach's ordination
Saturday 23 March 9:30 am: cleaning morning
Sunday 31 March 12:00: AGM
Saturday 13 April 19:30: Quiz night
Sunday 5 May 12:00 Solidarité AGM

Church Address Book

Several people have already checked and if necessary updated their details on Church Box.
Have you checked yours yet? If you didn't see the email, please check your spam box, and let the Church Office know if you didn't receive it.
For security reasons, each person has his or her own secure link to the site.
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