26 January 2018

This week's readings
Click the table of readings to go directly to the page with links, for instant access to the readings.
  • 1 February at 20h: Don't forget that we are invited by our friends at the Eglise St Maurice in Lille to an evening prayer vigil, just outside the week of prayer, but also celebrating Christian unity with Taizé songs and prayers.

A word about recycling

It seems there is still some confusion about what can go in the recycling bin.

NO PLASTIC OR CELLOPHANE except milk bottles or water bottles which are OK

There is a poster above the bin which explains if you are still not sure. Or you can read more on the Lille recycling site.
Thanks for taking care of our planet.

Drop-in café

Untitled design
The Wednesday morning drop-in café reopens on 7 February.
Reminder: Ecclesia Campus are looking for families to host a student overnight + breakfast from 3-4 February. There are 3000 coming from all over France! Our ecumenical friends have asked us to circulate the request, so here are the contact details if you think you can help:
Click on “Je souhaite accueillir pour EC 2018” and follow the instructions.
Or you can contact: or telephone
  • 14 February: Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent. Easter is quite early this year, it falls on 1 April.

What are you planning this Lent?

Not sure? Haven't really thought about it yet?
You might like to check out this excellent site; you can sign up as a family or individual, or as a group.
Lots of ideas for how to make this Lent a meaningful one.
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