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Blessing of a Home at Epiphany

Bless, O Lord, this household and family, and allow all of us who live in this home to find in it a shelter of peace and health. Inspire each of us to develop our individual talents and to contribute wisdom and good works for the benefit of the whole family. Make our house a haven for us all, and a place of warmth and caring for all our friends who come to visit us. Enlighten us with the brilliance of our Epiphany star, so that, as we go into the world, we might clearly see our way to You and discover You in our work and play. This we ask to your glory and in the power of your kingship.

Then, bless this house with the sign of the cross. After the blessing, the initials of the Magi (traditional names: Caspar, Melchior and Balthazar) are written with chalk over the main doorway of the house, like this:

20 + C + M + B + 18

A Prayer for New Year

Be Our Light for the New Year

  • Come, Holy Spirit,
    Spirit of the Risen Christ, be with us today and always.
    Be our Light, our Guide, and our Comforter.
    Be our Strength, our Courage, and our Sanctifier.
    May this new year be a time of deep spiritual growth for us,
    A time of welcoming your graces and gifts,
    A time for forgiving freely and unconditionally,
    A time for growing in virtue and goodness.
    Come, Holy Spirit,
    Be with us today and always.

– Author Unknown

Prayers for the people of Mexico

  • Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Mexico following last night’s earthquake.  Please pray for all the victims, emergency services and all who continue to work through the devastation. Lord we ask that you bring comfort to those who have lost loved ones, Your wisdom to those who are in a place of authority and Your hope to all the people whose lives have been affected by this tragic event.

Posted on 20 September 2017

Renewed prayers for the people of London

  • Our prayers and thoughts are once again with the people of London.  Please be praying for the leaders of the city, the mayor of London, all the emergency services , that they know how to respond and how deal with these constant threats upon the city of London.

Posted on 15 September 2017

A prayer for London

  • We pray for all those affected by the incidents in London. We pray for the injured, for the families and friends who have lost loved ones, for the emergency services. We pray too that those who think that violence is the answer may be brought to understand that it is not.

Posted on 4 June 2017

A prayer for Manchester

  • God of compassion,
    you hear the cries of all who are in trouble or distress;
    accept our prayers for those whose lives are affected by the bombing in Manchester;
    We pray especially for those suddenly facing a future without a child, parent or loved one,
    young ones who are in deep distress
    those who are injured, traumatised or awaiting news
    strengthen them in their hour of need,
    grant them perseverance and courage to face the future
    and be to them a firm foundation on which to build their lives;
    this we ask through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

    A Collect for Peace

    O God, the author of peace and lover of concord,
    to know you is eternal life and to serve you is perfect freedom:
    Defend us, your humble servants, in all assaults of our enemies;
    that we, surely trusting in your defence, may not fear the power of any adversaries;
    through the might of Jesus Christ our Lord.

  • Please pray for the Eldon family, where mother and daughter were hurt in the attack.

Posted on 24 May 2017

  • Heavenly Father,
    Please hold Polly close at this time of uncertainty.
    Remind her of your promises when she is feeling overwhelmed.
    Whisper words of love when she feels alone.
    Give all who care for her great wisdom.
    Quiet her soul when having to face future treatments or surgery, and quell any fears that she may have, and fill her heart and mind with your everlasting love.

Posted on 29 April 2017

  • Following the fire in Grande Synthe, the plight of refugees in the area is again in the news. The prayer request below was written in November 2016 but is still applicable today, please continue to pray for all refugees and aid workers. (Posted in April 2017)
  • The Jungle at Calais may have gone, refugees in Europe may not be headline news anymore, but they still exist.Please pray for the 1,000+ refugees at the camp in Dunkerque, mainly women & children who find themselves in extremely vulnerable conditions.Please pray for the many charity workers and volunteers who tirelessly give their time & talents to help bring relief and comfort to the refugees in the camps. Pray that God will continue to give them strength. And, for the volunteers who are suffering with emotional & psychological shock of what they have witnessed whilst serving in the camps, we ask the Lord for healing.Please pray for the 10,000+ refugees, moved from Calais and have been rehoused in temporary homes/CAO centres across France. Pray that they would settle quickly and find peace in their new surroundings.The following prayer has been written by a Charity Worker who served at The Jungle in Calais.

‘This WAS our Church’Dedicated to the Church of St Michael in the ‘Jungle’, Calais

Our prayers have risen to the Lord
Not in a glorious building
But in a tent which has been a symbol of hope
To so many trapped in the jungle around us.

We have been a haven of solace and peace
giving praise to the Lord in the squalor and our mud-filled surroundings.

We have remained faithful to the Lord’s word, ensuring that the teachings
of Holy Scripture are studied and understood.

We have kept and marked the Holy Days which are so special to our faith.
In your name we have adorned our Church with sacred images to
glorify you and give you praise.

And now our Church is no more
but we, its people are still there.

Wherever we will be in an uncertain future
our Church lives on in our hearts and our souls.
May it be an inspiration for all those who strive to put into action
the message of Jesus, of justice, and peace.

God of the downtrodden and the voiceless
Give us confidence that we can see the way ahead
and not lose the hope of a decent and peaceful life
which is common to all those made in your image.

Give us strength to go forward, always trusting in you
that some-day our hopes and dreams will be fulfilled.’

Ben Bano of Seeking Sanctuary, on behalf of the displaced community of the Church of St Michael in the ‘Calais Jungle’ .

Posted on 25 November 2016

  • Please pray for all victims of violence, wherever they are.

  • PRAYER FOR ALL GOVERNMENTS – When praying for any government it’s easy to feel overwhelmed or confused. Download the prayer below to guide you when praying for your country’s government.


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