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Advent Appeal

Once again this year we are supporting the Mission to Seafarers as they bring a little joy to seafarers far from home and family this Christmas. The Mission to Seafarers cares for the practical and spiritual welfare of seafarers of all nationalities and faiths in some 230 ports around the world. Working through a network of chaplains, lay staff and volunteers, they…

Guest blog by Katharina Lack

Katharina collected a first carload of biscuits for her work with migrants in Calais on Sunday 2 October and wrote to thank us:

Thank you SO much for your overwhelming kindness. I was so proud of the Christ Church community yesterday when we unloaded my car at the warehouse in Calais. You should have seen the other volunteers’ faces. 🙂

Faith can move mountains – of furniture

Faith, in the form of some cheerful and strong volunteers, moved in a wonderful way last weekend. Click here for some photographs. Firstly, we moved pews in the church to make extra room at the back. This was no simple matter, as it involved taking up carpet (and the millions of carpet tacks), re-siting the front…

Safeguarding – taking it seriously

Horror stories abound in the press, and unfortunately, nobody can say “that would never happen here”. The Bishop issued new guidelines in December and Debbie and the PCC have been studying the challenges and learning how to open our eyes and also how to react in different situations. There is lots of information on the Diocesan website and in particular, there are…

What happened at the Away Day

This year’s survey was based on the questions we asked last year, so that we could make a comparison. Last year, people were clear that they wanted to move forward and it was so encouraging to see that in every area, the responses were more positive. So thanks, Change Group, thanks everyone, your efforts have paid off. The afternoon sessions were workshops, and…

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