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Guest blog by Katharina Lack

Katharina collected a first carload of biscuits for her work with migrants in Calais on Sunday 2 October and wrote to thank us:

Thank you SO much for your overwhelming kindness. I was so proud of the Christ Church community yesterday when we unloaded my car at the warehouse in Calais. You should have seen the other volunteers’ faces. 🙂

We took the first biscuit load into camp with us today. They went to:
– a teenager from Afghanistan who arrived yesterday from Paris
– a group of four Sudanese refugees who arrived today and just got a tent from us. Thanks to your biscuits they built the tent in no time with a lot of energy and joy!
– a refugee from Eritrea who broke his arm (possibly by trying to get on a lorry) and just returned from the hospital back to camp. He was so hungry -and happy as he got an expected “Yes, my friend. I DO have biscuits for you. No problem.”
– two refugees who work with us in camp every day. They work as hard as we do for their mates and after a long day we ask them if we can get them something. All they ask us for are biscuits and milk. Can you imagine working for six hours or more per day and being paid with biscuits and milk?
Bless them.

I can’t possibly express what I’m feeling. I found a church community so strong and motivated, I’m nothing but grateful.
Thank you, thank you, thank you. With love from Calais,



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