New Year message from the Chaplain

New Year message from the Chaplain

As we begin the new year 2021, my wish for you all is for a happy and blessed year.

But while I write this, I am well aware that the difficulties of 2020 have not gone away. I get fed up with it all, and I know you do too. How we face up to 2021 will be one of the major challenges for each of us this year.

Change, restrictions, challenges abound in our own families and lives: what about Christ Church here in Lille?

We’ve found new ways of joining in worship, new ways of coming together, and we’ll carry on learning and reaching out. We have learnt that we can meet and share online, and some people have discovered new ways to connect through the internet: let’s celebrate these new links.

But you are all doing an amazing job. You are reaching out to friends without internet; those who just need a friendly word; you are joining in groups and services online; and you are continuing your financial support. And quite simply, without this support we wouldn’t be able to continue. 

So in 2021, Christ Church Lille is here for you, whether that is in church or online, or via a support network or group. We’ve been here for 150 years, and together we’ll face up to the future.

We don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but we’re all doing our best, and in belief, hope and trust, we have faith in the One who holds tomorrow in His Love. 

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