Sunday Club

Sunday Club

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On Sunday 5 December – come and hear all about the Christmas Story… We may even sing a Christmas song or two… or three…

On Sunday 19  December – Scratch Nativity Play in Church.  No age limit, no rehearsals, no lines to learn, but you will have to get creative with the dressing-up box… Come and join the fun.  We’ll be singing Christmas Carols, as we celebrate Christ’s birth and, as all good plays deserve an audience, please bring your friends, relatives and neighbours.

Don’t forget to sign up your child/children first, via email at, so we know they are coming. 

We publish a weekly activity sheet for children, the link is shown in our newsletter every week, so sign up and you’ll get all the information.

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Sunday Club Resources

You’ll find lots of resources and ideas for parents and children on this page

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