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“La Solidarité” is a charitable association set up by Christ Church Lille for outreach.  As a religious association, under tax and accounting rules, CCL can’t itself give donations (although it can receive them, of course).

The sum available for donations is the equivalent of 10% of our income for the previous accounting year – the tithe.

Every year the committee asks for proposals and these are discussed at a special grants meeting. Everyone who is on the electoral roll of Christ Church Lille is a member of the association and can make proposals or vote at the Annual General Meeting. 

Read and download the proposal form here:

See the presentation for full details of organisations supported in 2018, based on income in 2017. (It’s quite a large file so may take a moment to download).

The President and the Secretary currently share the Treasurer’s duties, which are not very onerous. If you’d like to help in this area, please speak to someone about this, you’d be very welcome.

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