Our Chaplaincy’s Safeguarding Policy

The protection of children and adults who may be vulnerable from harm is of paramount importance to us. We will not tolerate abuse in any form. As a chaplaincy within the Diocese of Europe, we comply fully with the requirements of the Diocesan Safeguarding Policy.

We also comply with the requirements of the Church of England Policy and Practice Guidance.

We will not in any way tolerate the abuse of children or adults.

Everyone on the church council and other helpers, like Sunday Club helpers, have to be trained and we encourage everyone in the congregation to undertake the online training too.

You can read the full text of our policy in the poster and in the contents of the folder at the back of church. These documents are reproduced below for you to read or download as you wish.

Chaplaincy Safeguarding Policy

If you have any questions, please contact the Chaplain or the Safeguarding Officer – details are shown below.


Safeguarding Officer:

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