Ideas for everyone during confinement

Ideas for everyone during confinement

Most people are out of confinement now, but we’re leaving these ideas up for the time being, for you to enjoy.

We’ve been looking at some ideas for things to do – whether you are looking for activities for the family, for a way to relax, or for some spiritual help, see if one of these links might be useful.

NEW: Bayard Press are offering free activities for children aged 3-12

The National Trust

The website has things to do at home, a guide to bird spotting and a video to learn to recognise birdsong

And here’s a link to a Birdsong Opera!


Free mandala colouring pages


Free mindfulness audio sessions (and if you are not sure what this is, take a look and find out more!)

Mindfulness from the University of Oxford

Prayers for use during the coronavirus outbreak

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