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Christ Church Lille Annual General Meeting

Every year we hold an annual meeting to review the previous year and to agree the accounts for that year. This meeting is in accordance with French law on Associations and also with Diocesan regulations for chaplaincies.

Everyone is welcome but only those on the electoral roll of the church as at 15 April 2018 are entitled to vote.

In 2019, we are required to completely renew the electoral roll: this means that previous forms are no longer valid, and everyone needs to complete a new form and return it by 15 March 2019, or you will not be able to vote

You can find the electoral roll form and all the other forms on our Resources page.

And perhaps you could bring some talents to the church council? We need people who can help with

  • basic accounting
  • IT skills
  • fundraising

and who have lots of enthusiasm, and some time (monthly meetings, taking part as needed …) So if you think this is for you, you can be a candidate for member of the church council.

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